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  We deal in : Health Monitoring Instruments & Diagnostic Softwares  
  All observed data is sent to your PC directly, First time ever in computer technology. Expert not required. You can do it by your own.  
Your health is your responsibility, so make sure you know your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, optimum weight, etc.) and take control to manage your risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

How about an Idea that while sitting at your Computer, You can check your Blood Pressure & yours Blood Pressure Reading will come onto your Computers Screen, So Let us help you keeping track of all your historical readings of blood pressure & cholesterol which supports recording more than one person's reading. Gives you reading reports data with graphs. Provides you with health tips and acknowledges symptoms as well, worth trying than risking your health. You should be concerned about your blood pressure before doctors are concerned about it. If high blood pressure is common in your family, you're bound to get it, too. Final solution to monitor your blood pressure at home more often which can be helpful to deal with various heart disorder and keep you fit & fine.

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