We are working in the medical domain and are planning to make life easy. We are providing solutions that really help in living a healthy life.
  Rengenetics Inc., is an Indian Software and Electronics Gadget Development company and is involved in developing bio-medical software cum Electronics Device solutions. We are committed to provide a high-end support to our customers through the technology in the trend.  
                            was founded by Rajeev Braham Prakash Shandillya, the president of the company. He himself is a marketing giant and is diploma and holder in Bioinformatics. He took up a mission to impart health awareness live life longer and healthy. this is how our first product MHCS came into existence.
  Rajeev Braham Prakash Shandillya
J-57, Vishnu Garden,
New Delhi -110008
Mobile - +919810202447
  General & Sales Information: sales@rengenetics.com
Customer Support : support@rengenetics.com




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