My Health Check System includes the following features:  


It provide you a fully validated interface that enable you to enter your blood pressure and cholesterol reading into the system.  


It provide multi-user data handling feature that enable you to store data about you and your family members. It shows the data of the current user and all processing is done for the current user, you can change the current user at any time by swapping the current user.  


You have the freedom of modifying a user as well as data of the user.  


You can set the time to remind you to take your blood pressure readings by using reminder settings module.  


You can generate a report of your blood pressure data for the desired criteria.  


You can also export your blood pressure data to a separate excel file and you can show it to your family doctor.  


You have the ability to generate the graph for your blood pressure data as well as for your cholesterol data.  


You can export this graph to a image file that you can see later and can also show this graph to your doctor and can also print it later.  


You have the ability to delete old data, i.e., data older than 6 months.  


The most important feature of the system is to analyze your data and give you the suggestions on the basis of your data.  


Medication is the most important module of the MHCS that give you all the advices to keep you up to date about your pre-hypertension, hypertension, hypotension. It show you the risk factor, causes, symptoms, complications, diagnosis, treatments, Self Cares etc. on the basis of your systolic/ diastolic.